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Marketing the flavor station makes for success -- here's how to do it

Flavor station example

Marketing and merchandising are key to making new offerings successful. Here are our top tips for a fantastic flavor station!

  • Appearance: Place seasonings in clear containers or shakers so students can see the contents. Identify seasonings in containers with attractive stickers or labels. Keep the flavor station clean throughout the meal period.
  • Signage: Draw attention to the flavor station with attractive signage near the area. You can use a white board and get creative with dry erase markers, make your own signage, or use ours! Download in 8.5x11 or 11x14 sizes. We recommend laminating or displaying in an acrylic/plastic sign holder.
  • Descriptive names: Give seasoning blends creative, descriptive names to make them more appealing. For example, Nonna’s Italian Blend, Spicy Cajun Seasoning, or Zesty Ranch.
  • Give suggestions: Write down the day’s vegetables and suggested seasonings for each. Use your white board or make cards that can be placed near the flavor station and re-used.

That's all for our flavor station series! Interested in earning USDA Professional Standards credit for learning this information? Complete our 15 minute "Building Flavor Stations" module in the Course Portal!